torsdag den 21. juni 2012

Sneaker Banquet 2012

Most of you guys who know me, knows that I am a bit of a sneaker freaker and that I work in a sneaker store called Rezet store in Copenhagen. It's a place where I work, have an office space and a little tiny photo studio, where I'd shot over 400 people to my Mugshot project.

So last weekend Sneaker Banquet had there annual sneaker flea market, where you could see and buy some of the times most loved sneakers from adidas, Nike, Reebok, Ellese, Asics, Gourmet and etc. 

Of course we at Rezet was there:-)

Originally retro Nike runners, 20 years old with box and in mint condition!

This year's most anticipated sneaker Yeezy 2 by Kanye West!


Filmed & edited by Kenneth Nguyen
Song: ASAP Rocky, Big spender

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