lørdag den 14. april 2012

Drake, Copenhagen Forum

I never really been that into Drake's music, but all my friends love him and after the concert I kinda liked him to:-)

It's been awhile since I shot a concert, there haven't been that many great hiphop, RnB concert her in Copenhagen lately. I missed out on Lauryn Hill, which I heard was shit and I missed out on one of my fav soul/Rnb singer D'Angelo, so I was pumped to see and shoot Drake tonight.

We were told that, we would at least get 3 songs or 15 minutes of shooting time in the pit, but for some reason one of Drake's guys came down and ordered us off the pit only after the first 2 songs. I wasn't sure if I've got anything good, but after looking them through, I'm pretty satisfied with what I got and it just meant more time for me, to enjoy the concert with my friends.

So enjoy and have a nice weekend!

These pics are dedicated to my bro and proberly Denmarks biggest Drake fan Ken Silao Beltrano!

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Anonym sagde ...

hey! was there too yesterday! i guess it was u with the system camera. real nice pictures!!:D
my hand is in the photo with all the hands in the air. in the middle next to guy with the white iphone. i have a black cardigan. concert was sooo good. drake forever. grettings from helsingborg sweden ;) /felicia

Adam Holm sagde ...

Virkelig svedige billeder!
Har du fået fat i det nye MRK iii?


Ducky sagde ...

I am really a huge fan of Drake and that new kind of hip hop rap music . His tickets aren't too much crazy,just compared them at ticketwood for Atlanta show . This guy is something else live !!