tirsdag den 6. marts 2012

Who fucked my godson's face up?!

My godson just came home from a photo workshop in Marseille. Two days before returning back to Copenhagen, some fuckers fucked him up so they could take his pocket camera, Canon G11!

I was shocked when I saw him and at the same time super pissed off! Feeling I wanted to bust them assholes a new hole, but what does that make me if I did?

Some people are fucking idiots!

Mugshot portrait

This is how Lasse looks like without the bruisers!

4 kommentarer:

Thor Kirkholt sagde ...

Sindssyg flot billede serie. Det gør mig ondt at høre, men håber da at han klarer den!


Thor Kirkholt

Anonym sagde ...

HIHI.. Crap-cake

jakob madley sagde ...

Such a life-affirming smile, after he's just been beaten up.

Anna sagde ...


Min blog - kig gerne på den :))