fredag den 23. september 2011

Why So serioussshhh!

I just started a new project, check it out and find us on facebook:-)

‎Why so serioussshhh!?- is an independent project to raise awareness on those subjects, that we sometimes forget, especially the homeless during the winther.

Our goal with "Why so serioussshh!?" is to do an exhibition/book with portraits of people from all classes, doing grimacing, to raise money for the homeless who need extra care, during the cold danish winther.

Money is not the only option, old clothing, bedsheets, sleepingbags and much more is just as needed!

The money that are raised, will be donated to shelters around Copenhagen, so they can improve their facilities with new beds, madrasses, food, etc.

This is a non-profit project, so everything that can be contributed goes directly to the homeless!

With me on the project is Fixie rider, Johnom Malik Bautista.

The project has been inspired by the french documentary "Women Are Heroes" which has won several prizes.

Check out their website:

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