lørdag den 5. februar 2011

Happy Bunny year! Hong Kong day 1

After a 9 hour trip on the plane from Helsinki, I finally made it to Hong Kong, where Nina picked me up at the airport. I landed at 15:15 local time and we had very little time, because Nina and some of her friends had booked a table at a fine restaurant near the water so we could see the crazy fireworks. It was a fantastic start to my short vacation, where we had a 4 course meal with white wine and beer. But the party didn't end here, I was determined that we should go out for some more drinks, so I could get over the jetlag. We ended the evening at around 03 at Mc Donalds and then it was just head first into bed:-D

Sweet Nina

2 kommentarer:

NinaVLE sagde ...

Det er det sejeste i verden!! Glad for du er her!

LINDHO sagde ...

Fantastiske billeder. Meget misunderlig over din tur Til HK.