søndag den 17. april 2011

Douche series #3 The inner douchebag panda!

First time I ever met the inner panda was 4-5 years ago. We both worked in Blockbuster and I really hated that job, but the peeps that worked there made it a'lot easiere! One of my best experience with him, was some dumb fight we were involved in. I'm not saying that it was cool, that we were in a fight, but we got connected that night and we have been friends ever since! The inner douche panda's name is Stefan Petersen, he started Klashy with some guys, among them is Kaave, that you've seen as the first douche in this series that I'm making. They rocked Distortion last year, with their parties and they are most definetly gonna rock this years Distortion aswell!

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