tirsdag den 1. december 2015

The Italy EURO Cup 2016 kit release

A couple of month ago I was in Florence Italy to shoot the Italian's new soccer kit for the EURO Cup 2016. The heads behind this huge PUMA campaign was the guys from Juliet Zulu.
My first real client from the United States. My assignment was to shoot along side with Juliet Zulu while they filmed a storyline on the making of the kit, which you can see right underneath:

I know there is another video release out there somewhere, but I just can't find it.

My assignment was not to shoot stills behind the scene, but to be in charge of the social media content of the campaign, which meant shooting content for @PUMAfootball Instagram account and shoot a press release kit for different football websites and blogs.

So far I'm not sure what have been released by PUMA and the the only thing I've been told is that nobody really knows. Juliet Zulu have send them a pack of stills and it's now up to PUMA, to release the stills when they see fit.

The last couple of hours I've spend searching the world wide web, to find out what have been released. Nonetheless I am damn proud to have worked with Juliet Zulu on this huge campaign for PUMA, shooting football legends such as Buffon, Chiellini, Astori, Verrati and Ballotelli and Griezmann... The last two mentioned is a different story, but I'll come back to that later, when that campaign is released. Until now you have to settle with these stills from Florence.

This shot and the next two shots have not been cropped for Instagram, so you can actually see the tip of my one foot in the bottom in this photo, I thought I keep it for the for the blog, because I thinks it's a bit funny.

I'm pretty sure there are more shots from this sequence with this beautiful Italian girl, but I haven't been able to google my way to it.

Chiellini on the bench!

It was a honor to meet all of the guys and it was also a great experience to visit the facility where all the top Italian ahtletes go train. I had 5 minutes with each guys in the locker room and an additonal 10 minutes in front of a green screen, which hasn't been published yet. Can't wait to see the results of that!

Mr Buffon himself!

You could easily feel the caliber of this man's structure when he entered the room! There was nothing but respect for this man.

 Marco Verratti!

I would have posted the Astori shots, but those haven't been released yet. This post will be updated along the way as more is being released. 

The next two weeks after the Italy EURO Cup 2016 kit campaign I was in Madrid & Torino with Juliet Zulu shooting another campaign for PUMA. More details on the campaign as soon as it is released
Until then, enjoy my two shots of Mr Balotelli off the pitch.

I want to thank my agent from Gonzales Photo who got me this job and who have supported me throughout the begining of my carreer! 
Thx Leon!

søndag den 22. november 2015

Visit Faroe islands

Faroe islands have just become one of my favourite destinations!

Just like Iceland, the nature and landscape is beyond this world. It is as if you were on a different planet. I've been to Iceland 5 times now and every time it's seize to surprise me with new beauty and hidden spots. Faroe islands are no exception.This is a place I need to get back to ASAP, it's truely a photographers paradise!

@Matias__molina and I was invited by @Visitfaroeislands for a five days trip to explore the islands on our own. With a rented 4x4 provided by Visit Faroe Islands, we drove out early every morning around 7am. Since it's getting closer and closer to the darkest time of the year, the time was against us - it got dark at 4 pm.

Can't wait for my next adventure!

The instant you touch ground, you are embrased with the amazing scenery!

  It pays to take a detour

 The sun only got to peak over the mountains before setting down again.

 No tourist in sight!

 Faroe islands is truely a unspoiled and peaceful place! This is Gàsadalur

If you wanna visit Faroe islands, remember to be prepared for all sorts of weather and for some hiking through the landscape and mountains.


 I wanna grow old right there in that small house in Saksun!


It took us only 50 minutes to hike out to this beautiful place Leitisvan. The scenery and huge cliffs played mindgames with us with the distance. We used almost the whole day here and we got to meet our first tourist here:-D
Never settle with less when it comes to music! Thx Beoplay for hooking me up with their flagship model, the wireless headphones H7

 The Letisvan Lake

 Matias enjoying the view

 Random stop on our way home. We got some sick footage with Matias's Phantom 4 drone!

 Our last full day and with snow and -degrees!

Atlantic Airways has one of the world’s cheapest chopper rides. The rides are supported by the government so that it’s easier for the population to go from island to island. Usually you have to stay for at least a day at your destination, but AA hooked us up so we could fly back on the same day! The pilots were super nice, thx guys!

  Matias Molina


 Thx to @Atlanticairways for fullfilling a childhood dream!

Our last sunset before heading home

 Did you know that there are more sheeps than people on Faroe islands?

Hopefully I will be back soon!
Remember to visit www.visitfaroeislands.com and book your tickets through www.atlantic.fo
Looking for a great place to stay? I suggest you pick www.hotelforoyar.fo
Great service, great location and GREAT food and breakfast!