torsdag den 2. august 2018

Yesterday freedom took a bow to the Danish politicians new law

Yesterday freedom took a bow to the Danish politicians’ new law banning all types of masks, fake beards, balaclava, skimasks and burkas in public... Unless it is connected to an event such as a maskerade, halloween and etc.

To show how hypocritical the law is, an event was made on the day(August 1) the law was going to become effective. Inviting everyone to the longest maskerade, marching from Den Sorte plads on Nørrebro to Bellahøj Police station.
With over 10.000 people signing up for the event to either show solidarity to those who are getting hit hard by this law and for us who thinks freedom isn’t made by taking it away from others.

tirsdag den 3. april 2018

Mercedes Benz cars I shot in 2017

Besides being a MB ambassador I also work for MB Denmark where my job is to create visual content for their social channels. Last year I got to shoot most of their cars from their AMG fleet for the AMG 50 year old anniversary. Some selected photos was printed and showcased at various event around Denmark.

For each car I shot, I got to ride them for a week besides the GTs I got them for a couple of days.
To be honest I was scared out of my mind to scratch those rims!
I used nothing but natural light for the photoshoots I prefer it that way to give it a more down to earth feel so it doesn't feel too commercial.