tirsdag den 19. april 2011

Bellman & Ulla Vs Rezet Store

I've been babysitting these two frenchies for one and a half weeks now and gonna have them for a total two weeks. It is going to be sad when I have to return them back on saturday:-( We've been chillin in the parks, bycycling on my friend's Christania bike aka Wu-Wagon.
The last two days, we've been by the new sneaker store Rezet, on Rådhusstræde 7 where I was shooting some product pics and did some sales aswell:-D The boys in the shop have been loving these two doggies so much, they made Bellman and Ulla honors guests. While I was shooting some Oakley sunglasses today, Bellman kept coming into the studio and observing what I was doing and all the sudden... BOOM! Bellman is a poster boy! CONGRATS Bellman!

We are proud to present our new team rider, Bellman Dawg!
Graphics & text by Rasmus Mathias Holm


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Anonym sagde ...

Fedt billede af hunden i trøjen! :-) kan godt forstå at forretningen vil bruge billedet, det er jo noget folk husker og måske endda sender rundt til hinanden fordi det er et sjovt billede!