tirsdag den 19. april 2011

Aloe Blacc concert, Vega Copenhagen!

Aloe Blacc visited Vega yesterday and he made sure that every single girl in the room did there part in screaming their lungs out... and actually so did the guys!! I was there yet again working for rapspot.dk, where you later can read a review of the concert. My fellow photographer and roomie Lasse Kofod was also there shooting for Vega and got some really nice shots aswell! Check em out!
We were 4 photographer in the pit and as usually we only got to shoot in the first 3 songs and then we got escorted out, so we could put our gear away. The concert was off the hook and the mood was high!! A 7 out of 10 from me, let's see if my reviewer thinks the same:-D

To those of you, who doesn't know Aloe Blacc, check out the video below:-D

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