onsdag den 13. april 2011

Douche series #1. Not so american and not so psycho!

This is Kaave Pour. I've known this douche for quite some years now and he's a really down to earth kinda guy, but always busy with whatever! He started Klashy along with some friends, did that and moved on to next project and started the magazine Teapaper. He is no longer involved in Teapaper, but has his hands deep in a'lot projects and now he also does some modelling. I've always considered him as the younger and danish version of Christian Bale. Just look at him, what a f@ck'ing good looking douche;-)

Kaave also got a blog, check it right here: http://pourstudio.com/

Next douche up is Westwood Kidd. Check out his music video: LINK

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Skille sagde ...

That would be the better looking version of Christian Bale then :b