torsdag den 14. april 2011

10 minutes with L:RON:HARALD

I was just back in my hometown Sønderborg, to do a job. I was home less than 24 hours and then headed back to Copenhagen. But I still had some time to hook up with the infamous pornogangster L:RON:HARALD, who only had 10 minutes to have his picture taken. L:RON:HARALD is most known for a rap, he did with a very heavy southern accent. Rapping about strippers, Opel Kadets, discounts boardershops. He started out releasing his music on old H-tapes. His H-tapes quickly got snapped and all of the sudden, he got himself a record deal and finally released 4 albums and a biography entitled" Patient ". A book about his experiences, when he got treated for his mental illness. He is now retired and has moved back to South-jutland where he does alot of art and graffiti.

Bonus info: He also had a small role in the award winning danish movie, R.

3 kommentarer:

Mads Roberts sagde ...

Selvfølgelig ned i Kvickly's parkerings kælder.. :D


Maria Campillo sagde ...

for the first time denmark looks like a semi dangerous place!

K-Nguyen sagde ...

Mads@ ja de river jo hele lortet ned, ink Kvickly bygningen! Det bliver en satans støvet by!