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Roskilde Festival 2013

I've been shooting Roskilde festival concerts for a couple of years now. I started out shooting concerts from the crowd, just for myself back in 2009, and ended up winning the Gaffa award for best picture from the crowd that year. Since then I've been shooting for, which means mainly hiphop concerts. This year was no exception, though I had two more clients to make happy; shooting streetstyle for Euroman and atmosphere for Carlsberg.

Shooting for three clients was a bit stressful. And though I did make it through it all without major physical or mental damages one thing is for sure; I ain't gonna do that shit again!

Every year I say to myself that this is gonna be the last time I'm shooting at Roskilde Festival, because I never really get to enjoy the concerts that I wanna see! And of course I said the same thing this year and look what I end up doing anyway!? 
Damn I'm happy to be home again, this is the first time I've stayed at Roskilde Festival for 8 straight days living in a fucking tent! I must admit that I moved my tent to the restricted camping area the last 4 days, which was freakin awesome! Free baths, clean toilets, free cell phone charging and no fucking piss smell! NO MORE LIVING AT THE REGULAR CAMPING SITE... I guess I'm getting old;-)

Well, enough rambling for now. Here are my selected concert shot from Roskilde festival 2013!

One more thing, I was supposed to buy a wide angle from a guy, a Canon 24mm L 1.4 but got stood up by him an hour before I left for Roskilde, so I ended up shooting every concert with my manual focus Carl Zeiss 50mm and a Canon 70-200mm L 2.8, which was a serious pain in the ass!

Ukendt Kunstner

Hans Phillip aka Ukendt Kunstner is one of my guys, that I know from back home in Copenhagen. A lot has happened in a few years and WOW do I have respect for what he has done in so little time and I love his music... Perfect! Well done homie, what a crowd you layed down during the camping days at the skate scene! Big up!


Eloq is also one of the guys I know from Copenhagen. I'm a little older than he is and I remember before I started taking photos, he often came into the cafe where I worked, which was right next to his highschool. He was always totally blinged up/out in colorful fresh clothes and gear. I was like, who is this fresh looking young cat coming in here asking for a Machiato, is he even old enough for to drink coffee?

Later on our paths have crossed and we now share more than just a coffee -I helped him and his dj crew out with some press photos and have been doing it ever since.

Kendrick Lamar

It's a common rule at concerts in Denmark, that we photographers only get three songs to shoot, before we are guided out unless the artist says otherwise. But at the Kendrick Lamar concert at Arena, the dude in charge of the press pit was fucking out of control. Before kendrick went on stage, his dj played a few tracks to warm up the crowd. After he played three tracks the press pit boss-guy came up to us in the press pit and said we had to leave. I think we were around 20 photographers looking at each other thinking "what the fuck?" We were like, hey he hasn't even been on stage yet, do you even know what he looks like? But the dude had too much pride and ended up pushing us out. What a fucking moron! While we were about to walk out Kendrick came on stage, so I actually did get some shots of him, but as you can see they kinda suck, because I was walking backwards while shooting! I really hope somebody in charge wooped this ignorant security asshole's ass. He made me so mad, I didn't even want to see the concert!


Felipe Cordeiro

Killer Mike and EL-P

Bobby Womack

Den sorte skole

I really hate to shoot Dj's, most of the time the lighting sucks ass and they are placed pretty high up. The visuals at Den sorte skole was off the chain, though!  Great show guys!


Like I said earlier, it's up to every artist if they want the press at the pit or not and Linkoban and Rihanna were some of the two concerts I had to shoot, that wouldn't allow us in. A pain in the ass, but I guess it's about the music and not the pictures, so let's not waste energy on that! I got one shot of Linkoban and returned back to the Press building to stack my gear away and then I was off to a pretty awesome concert with Rihanna!

Action Bronson

Flatbush Zombies

Joey badass

Danny Brown



I've been in love with Quadron since the first time I heard their first album. I remember some years ago, before they got big I was hired to shoot a wedding and they were there to play. I think they knew the couple or something, but anyways I was standing their and talking to a lady, giving them props and all sorts of things, sounding like a freakin' fan... I later found out that the lady that I was talking to was Coco's mother :-D

Azealia Banks

Azealia rocked that flow like a pro! Would love to see her again!

Kid Koala


I've been listening to Miguel for quite some time now and I must admit, that I wasn't really that much of a fan the first time I heard his album. But for the last 2 months, and especially when I was in NYC, I have been listened to his album a whole lot. Too much maybe?

Miguel was my last concert to shoot before I could head home, but it was also a concert that I really wanted to see/hear. His live performance was off the hook, you could hear every word of what he sang. I was told that his stage performance was pretty tacky when he was in Copenhagen performing. And Ooooh boy how he did proove them right, it was really tacky but in a good way! Made the whole damn thing even more entertaining! Miguel is the new generation's Prince... just with more visible abs;-)

Looking forward to next year's Roskilde Festival, not sure if I'm gonna shoot concerts again, but let's wait and see when we get closer!


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