onsdag den 10. juli 2013

More than just a pic on Instagram! Urban Exploration

Lately, I've been playing with the thought of making a video of me and my urban exploration in Copenhagen. Since I started using Instagram, I've become a 200% (approx. fig. ;-)) more active person and one of the things that has driven me to that is exploring spots in my own backyard of Copenhagen that either have been abondoned or forgotten.

The idea with my new project is to show people that, if you need an adventure, you need to look no further than your own backyard or within the borders of wherever you might live. All it takes is for you to start seeing it... and of course some balls ;-)

Last night, I visited the Carlsberg building, which has been 90% torn down already. All that's left of it is the back wall of the building, which is listed as worthy of preservation or whatever. This is only a very, very rough edit and an unofficial teaser. I'm posting this, because I need all the help I can get to make this a super cool and much better video. I'm gonna collect all my favorite spots in Copenhagen and put them into a 5 minute video. So I just bought a Gopro Hero3 camera, Black edition, that I mount on my forehead, whenever I go to these places. I'm gonna be working on this baby for a while and there is no deadline, so this has to be perfect when I'm done with it.

Got any tips regarding editing and how to improve my filming? Feel free to write a comment!

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Thank you

1st raw cut teaser from Kenneth Nguyen Photography on Vimeo.

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