onsdag den 16. marts 2011

I've got 42 inch rims!

The capital today was visited by more than 400 tractors. 50 of them were parked in front of Cityhall. "The Green Growth Plan" is something the government will introduce, which demands a lot of adjustments in agriculture.
The changes will cost a farmer a 100 kr(around 20 dollars) more per pig, which of course will raise the prize and make the buyers go to different and cheaper matters, such as Germany.

Gypsies sitting on the ground at a sign that says: property is inviolable

Santa has a fulltime job as a Food producer... well thats what the t-shirt says!

I wasn't the only asian with a camera!

My least favorite politician: Pia Kjærsgaard, from Danish People's Party!

Bonus info: The 400 tractors that were parked near a shoppingmall on a private ground, owned by Europark, were all given a parking ticket. A total sum of 204.000 danish kr!

2 kommentarer:

Jacob Seirup sagde ...

Lækre fotos fra demonstrationen. Jeg kan godt lide den hvor ham manden kigger lige ind i kameraet.
Ekstra info: De 400 traktorer fik ikke alle bøde. Kun dem der ikke havde stillet p-skiven.

Martin Bendix sagde ...

Superfede billeder som altid! :-)