tirsdag den 1. marts 2011

In the recording studio, with an old classmate!

I was in the studio with an old college buddy a few months ago. We graduated from college back in 2006. I don't really see my classmates anymore, but it does happen once a year for some reunion stuff.

His name is Sonny Freddie Pedersen and some may recognize him from the television. We know him best as a part of the dance Family Pedersen, which also have been made into a reality program. He has also released an album with his sister Gigi, called Brother & Sister.

all grown up, Sonny has gone his own way and is now living in LA, where he teaches dancing and has appeared in several television shows, one of them the American version of Dancing with the Stars. He is not so often home in Denmark anymore, but when he is home, he's in the recording studio and working on his new solo album.

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