onsdag den 23. marts 2011

Assistens kirkegården

So spring has officially arrived. The sun were shining and no clowds were there to be spottet.
I've never been to the Assistens graveyard in those 6 years, that I have been living in Copenhagen. So why not let today be the day. Nothing much happen there, but I've got some few shots out of it:-D

H.C Andersen
H.C Andersen, a danish author and poet noted for his children's stories.

Screw your money

Søren Kierkegaard

Søren Kierkegaard is a danish philospher, theologian and religious author interested in human psychology.

2 kommentarer:

Frederik K sagde ...

The fall was indeed nice as well in Assistens Kirkegård:
Living right next to it, I really should come there more often. Not only to photograph, but just to walk around and enjoy it.

christel sagde ...

Mit YNDLINGS sted i hele København!!!