fredag den 17. februar 2012

A moment with my father - unofficial trailer

This is an unofficial bootleg trailer, that I made with my phone, when I was in the film editing studio with Stefan from Bacon Cph. It has Nothing to do with Nokia, Bacon Cph or Michael Noer.

My story was choosen by the director Michael Noer who works with the Nokia Lumia 800 campaign/competition which I participated in. We were given a Nokia phone and asked to capture "everyday-life-moments" for three weeks. Unfortunatly my team didn't win, but my story was the only one picked out for a separate documentary, that will have it's first screening in Copenhagen on the 8th of march.

Be aware that the quality isn't top notch in this unofficial trailer. It was all filmed and dubed through a smart phone. I want the trailer to give a sort of a behind the scene-ish feeling in the editing studio.

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