fredag den 24. februar 2012

Help Kenneth, so he can help others!

Yet again I have startet a new charity project!
I opened the facebook group monday and already have over 400 likes!

My new baby project is about raising money to Doctors without boarders
Many have come to put in their 5 cents. A clothing company have offered their help with a procentage of each item they sell, a event maker company has offered funding party, where all the earnings will go to the project and much more.

The description on my facebook is only in danish, so here you got the translated version:-)

We often think about helping others, but we are usually too busy with our own everyday stuff and so it never amounts to anything more than that thought.
Therefore I have decided to take advantage of my network to start a help organization

My first goal is to raise 50.000 kr for Doctors without borders. This does not require more than a little donation from you. How much, is up to you.

The idea for this came when a friend pointed out: “Kenneth, you have almost 5000 friends on facebook. Just think if each of them all donated 10 kr, then you would have 50.000 kr to donate to charity. Set a goal and when you’ve reached it you donate the amount and then you set a new goal with the same amount”.

So why not? It does not take a whole lot and one can donate whichever amount one wants to.

Everything will be documented and I will give an update every Sunday regarding how much I put into an account solely dedicated to the cause.

As of right now this is just a thought, but with your help it can become reality.

Best regards
Kenneth Nguyen

Please go like and help my dream come true:-)
Help Kenneth, so he can help others!

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