fredag den 13. januar 2012

A sneak peek on Jari & Le-Fix

It only took a day after I posted the sneak peak, for Euroman to see it and repost the series in their own blog and their own words. There was not long before the first hater popped up with his "I know better" -attitude and tried to kill the true story about Jari, saying that it was distasteful to take such a sad person and dress him up and put him on display. Who are you to judge, to call him a sad person? But none the less, it made it more clearer to me how much these "sade persons" often are put to a side and best let to be forgotten.

The story about Jari and Le-fix is very simple, it's about not ignoring, but about carring and take time to make someone feel useful and needed, when others chooses to ignore.

Jari loves to hang out on Guldbergsgade and especially at the shop where The Le-Fix guys always welcome him. It's not often you see people taking their time to listen to "these kind of people", most of us don't even take time to just look at them. Jari has had a tough life, and it is no secret that he likes to have a beer every now and then.

Le-fix is not trying to save the world or make a mockery of Jari, quite the contrary.
Like one of the ignorant haters wrote: It's a shame against those who are actually trying to make a difference. But Mr. Hater, what do you know about Jari, Le-fix and me? And what do you do to make a difference, other than just talk shit about what others are doing and not doing.

Le-fix does not only provide Jari with clothing. They spend time listening to what he has to say, even if it's bullshit. They help him handling letters from the authorities, take him to the social services. They help him financially, and offer him small jobs, so he can work for the money they are giving him. He may not do an awesome job, but at least he is trying! I have nothing but love for the Le-fix crew and the things they are doing. They have truely become a strong brand, with the heart in the right place!

Much love & respect

Benny & Jari

Le-Fix is more than just a clothing brand, it's a society consisting of a creative group of longtime friends, who all has put a bit of themselves into the name. Check out this funny video they made:-)

Also check out Benny's blog, there is a'lot cool stuff there and you'll see how much involved Jari is:-)

Join my homeless project and create awareness, Why sooo serioussshhh!?