mandag den 2. januar 2012

Ending 2011 with a big bang!

2011 has been a year with some struggle and pain, but also with a'lot of awesome'ness!

As the old saying goes, "Good things also comes with bad situations" and I must say that, that quote fit my 2011 perfectly!

A lot happened last year, my girl and I parted ways, I moved into a shitty room on top of a strip club on vesterbro, I crashed on a scooter and smashed my camera and I almost quit photography, but on top of all the negative shit, all the positive things came back in threefold!
I moved into a new place with my good friend and fellow photographer Lasse, I met The DPN and Rezet boys, who all have become my brothers in armes(love you guys). My Mugshot project became bigger than I ever could imagine! My network has gotten rock solid and huge, I've got a lot of good jobs, I have done a ton of charity work that I loved to do, I've made peace with my mind and I love hanging out with my ex:-) but what matters the most in 2011, is without a doubt all the wonderful people, who I've met on my way through all of this. You can't be measured in money or success, you are beyond that, you are truly the most valuable treasure I have in my life!

Happy New year, love and godspeed to you all, you know who you are!

The party

With all the people I have met in 2011, I joined up with the Rezet crew plus extra, in Amsterdam for the last party! We were around 30 people, some knew each other and some didn't. We ate, we drank and we party'ed together all night and I gotta say, this was one of my best new years experienced I have had for a very long time!
I did bring my Canon Eos 5D mk2, but I decided that it was a better idea to leave it back in the apartment. But one of the guys had his LUMIX pocket camera with him, which he trusted me with, so I did get to shoot a bit:-)

Mathias is known to go all in, so I thought it would be fun to capture him every 2nd hour, when I could, so I did:-)

Only minutes before Mathias called it the night!

The new years crew

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