mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Oops! Joekim to the rescue!

I recently just took part in a new sneaker store in Copenhagen called Rezet Store. I started with an office space in the back, but ended up working/helping them out with the marketing part, so now I can also put marketing boss on my Cv. I shoot their campaign posters, show them how to shoot their products, putting events together and etc. I also have a'lot of my pics hanging there. It's nice to have some sort of a schedule now and something to wake up to... But hey, this isn't what this post is about.

It's about other cool people who supports one an another, just because they want to and not because we ask them to!

Joekim is our local hair dude and one of those cool people you always can smile with. A crazy, friendly guy, you can't help doing anything else than to like! He is a good shopper here at Rezet as well and a damn good hair dude to! Whenever I'm in need for a quick cut, before a date or whatever, he can always find time to cut my hair and give me a good laugh! But what really makes him an awesome guy is, that besides his own logo on his shop front facade, is that he has a Rezet sticker smacked right next to his salon's name Oops! It may be a little thing for him, but for us it is a huge thing!

So a little tribute, is the least I can do!

Thx for being who you are J, keep being you!

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