tirsdag den 25. oktober 2011

Amsterdam & Tribute to my Rezet guys!

Just a few more clicks from me in Amsterdam. I really didn't get that much pictures out of Amsterdam, as I wanted to but...

No doubt that Amsterdam is a very awesome city and if I had the money for it, I would definetly buy a place there! The city is one of the most cosiest and beautiful place I've been to, but Picture wise, it didn't really caught my eye... Maybe because I was too lazy or maybe there was just too much vacation about my trip... None the less, I was there with the best people ever and we had one drunk ass time out of it!

A tribute to my Rezet guys
The clock is turning 3 in the morning and I just came home from Amsterdam... Realising that the boys that I went there with, is some of the best guys out there! Though I only have known them since may this year, I know our friendship will last forever. These guys will be there for each other no matter what and I feel blessed to be among one them. They will stand by your side when you need it, they will help you out without hessitating and they support you a 100% in whatever you do. They always pick up when you call, they will always text you back and they will always watch your back! As lame as it may sound, the code: Bros before hos, comes to its true meaning when it comes to these guys... and I love you guys for that(Not trying to offend any girls! You know we can't live without you;-)


Kasper & Mathias

these 4 guys is just a little handful of The Rezet crew
the rest of the Müffti & Müsli crew
& of course
The infamous BCN Dog pound


Thx for being who you are!

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