torsdag den 2. juni 2011

Distortion day 1, Rezet store x Nag store x Adidas x Rust, Spank Rock & Amanda Blank.

So Distortion is about to set whole Copenhagen on fire! Yesterday it was inner Copenhagen, today Distortion will yet again set its mark on Nørrebro!
Some changes have been made for me this year, I have deliberately not asked or accepted any gigs, so I could do and shoot whatever I feel like and upload whenever I want to! But Keep and eye on Politiken, iBYEN tomorow, I have heard some rumors, that I got front page:-) Hopefully its true!

See you in the streets!

More shit on my facebook!

1 kommentar:

Martin D. Olsen sagde ...

You are taking some sweet ass pictures!!
could you please post a picture for me? or just send it? :) you took a picture of my niece with big earplugs to the jägermeister show at thursday!
that would be totalt crazy! hope you had some great days at distortion!