lørdag den 4. juni 2011

Adidas lookbook, Behind the scene!

So I didn't really told you the whole truth, when I said I didn't took any jobs during Distortion. Yesterday I was out shooting Adidas lookbook with my Adidas All in allied, the awesome stylist Alexandra Carl! We started at the Adidas office at 08 am, so my hangovers hadn't even poped out yet. With only 4 hours of sleep and banging hangovers, we were done at 17 o'clock. 3 models, 15 styles and 15 locations later I was really tired and hungry, I moved on to Distortion day 3 on Vesterbro, to meet up with my boys from Rezet Store.

I will upload some more Distortion pics, whenever I get the time for it. I'm missing day 2 and 3 and hopefully they wil get uploaded tomorow evening or maybe monday.

Today I've been up early aswell to help a friend out with her Master collection at Danish Design School, so no sleep for me last night either, but tonight I will go all in for the final party, because I got no jobs tomorow, so I will finally be able to sleep more than just 4 hours:-)

Party is hard, but life is great!

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