onsdag den 25. maj 2011

LTW Barcelona tribute!

I spent all day with the other douches at The LTW Barcelona Tattoo shop. Some of the guys decided to get some more tattoos and we were all heavily hangover from our trip to Nasty Monday(A club, obviously). We have been there everyday since we came, because 7 out of 10 of us were having our body inked by the LTW.

Anyways, I've got to say, that the LTW crew are the cooolest and sweetest tattoo people I've ever met and yesterday they really open up to us and made us feel like home in the shop! Thx guys, you've been really awesome and thanks for putting up with our shit! Luv you and we will definetly be back in the near future!

Romeo getting inked by Javier

Lola & Ken after finishing his first tattoo!



Lots of luv for girl in sneaks





Kasper on the left getting inked by Javier and Ernie on the right getting inked by Lola

Thanh sucking up the pain


Kasper getting inked by Javier

Thanh getting inked by Pepe

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Erik... sagde ...

MEGET fed serie kenneth!!!

AND DARK sagde ...

Jeg blev tusset af Javier i lørdags. Det var min første tatovering, men det var virkelig et fedt sted og i must say that Javier er en fin fyr! er allerede i gang med overvejelserne til den næste Javier-tattoo! Fine billeder BTW!