søndag den 15. maj 2011

Portrayal of a posterboy and a friend!

I've known Carsten aka Smiley back from the old Rust days, before some twat set fire to the place. He have always been a good guy having around you. He makes you smile, laugh and dance.
If you think you have seen Smiley before, you proberly did! You'll see Smiley everywhere these days, clubs, the streets, here and there, in mags, the commerciel adds and so on! Smiley is truely a real posterboy!
I'll say Smiley for President and Denmark would definetly be a more fun place to be!

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Anonym sagde ...

Fede billeder, lige som alle de andre på bloggen!

Følger med og glæder mig altid til nye indlæg :-)

God fotolyst, Troels.