mandag den 6. juli 2009

Malk de Koijn. Roskilde Festival(Arena stage)

Blæs Buggi

Geolo G

Tue Track

Malk de Koijn came out with their debut-album in 1998. I remember my friends playing the tracks for me, from their first album: entitled "Smash hit in Aberdeen". It forever caught my attention and I fell in love with their funny lyrics and beats that wasnt to be found elsewhere. They maintained their style on the 2nd album that came out, in 2002.

After 5 years of quietness, I was happy to hear that "MDK" was performing at this year's Roskilde Festival. This concert was my number one priority. I have never seen these guys live before. So finally to have the opportunity to see them life, and at the same time from the Photopress-pit, was a dream come true:-D

The guys gave the more than 18000 people in a way too little stage Arena, a whole 2 hour performance!

They were offered to play on Orange stage(The biggest stage on Roskilde festival), but refused.

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Amalie Englesson sagde ...

Fede billeder Kenneth. Jeg mistede min ene kontaktlinse under Fever Ray midt i menneskemængden, så kunne kun se Malk med det ene øje :( Så det er godt du altid står foran med dit ekstra. Men fuck det var en fed koncert!