onsdag den 15. juli 2009

La Coka Nostra interview

From left to right: Slain, Ill Bill, Everlast & Danny Boy

An hour before La Coka Nostra was going on Cosmopol stage, Rapspot had an interview with these guys. While we were waiting for our turn to interview LCN, my interviewer told me he was kinda nervours about the interview, because he had never done an english interview before. I just told him to relax and just let things go as it went.
But to relax with these fellas was'nt that easy as I thought. They pulled my guy's chain a few time making him sweat a little. I kinda find the situation a bit hilarious(Sorry Troels) Because they were really fucking with him. But it ended allright and he got a pretty solid interview out of it. Slain ended the interview by saying, qoute: Nice to meet you, we are just fucking with you!

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