tirsdag den 22. september 2015

Visit Jordan 2015

I just came home from a Press tour to Jordan, invited by The Jordan Tourism Board.

While I'll wrap up this post, I am currently in Iceland touring this magnificient island with the Icelandic clothing brand 66North.

This was my first time to the middle-east and I have to admit I didn't knew much about Jordan beside what I have seen in a Indiana Jones movie where he visit Petra. And of course their huge role in the Syrian refugee crisis.

Coming from little cold Denmark, our summer have been almost non-existing, so when I was invited to Jordan I couldn't be more stoked.

Together with several other Press related people, I of course was among the Scandinavian crew consisting mostly of bloggers, Journalists and then me the photographer.

We came late at night and we got through custom smoothly, so the short/long flight with one lay-over seemed like nothing. I was seated behind this little guy who didn't mind entertaining me with his skill full pika boo game.

It doesn't take much to impress me, but Jordan really got me, I'm in love with this country.
Everything about this place is fantastic. The people, the landscape the food and like our 1st class tour guide Muhammad told us 'We don't have much, we don't have gas, we don't have oil and we don't really have any sea, but we have the most friendliest and welcoming people on earth and about 1400 archaeological sites.

With all the trouble around the middle-east, jordan is fighting and helping doing their part, taking in around 2 million refugees from the Syrian civil war. Of those are 130.000 placed in refugee camps while the rest live among Jordanians in apartments and etc. They get free schooling, health care and all the help they need. We could definetly learn something from them and I really admire tjeir patience and what they have done for the Syrian people so far.

Other than that, I can only suggest you give Jordan a visit, but remember to bring some sun lotion, because the sun is burning hot!

I would like to give my deepest respect and applause to our tour guide Muhammad Qamhiya, this guy is fantastic! He made this trip great, with his knowledge of history, I didn't only come back home with a bag of photos but I also got back home with a'lot of history.

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