torsdag den 10. september 2015


I was just in London for a couple of days with my good friend Nikolaj Thaning.
He was doing a Instagram thing for SPIES travels and he was kind enough to bring me with him(thx bro).

I have only been home for a two days and right now as I am writing this post, I'm at the airport in Berlin waiting for the next plane out of Copenhagen!

Until then enjoy and support the Syrian refugees and whoever needs help for that matter!

 London Eye

 Jeppe Hein in London

I'm sorry Katz Deli, I found your match! If you are a fan of New York's famous Pastrami sandwich from Katz Deli, I know you are gonna be a bigger fan of Beigel Bake's Beef bagel on Brick Lane. Make sure to visit them, if you drop by London.

 Fredy Beats did an awesome job!

They framed Banksy!

 London Tower bridge

 @nikolajthaning and yours truely

 Nikolaj Thaning all wrapped up in Wood Wood

 Mr. News

 No Yeezy here Mr.

 It's legit

 Who hasn't taken this shot yet?

 I had to.

 Golden hour

Big Ben, what a manly thing to call something long and tall!

 It's not monday, but it sure feels like it!

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