onsdag den 22. april 2015

Riva Del Garda with Garda Trentino

From Norway to Italy.

I was only home for two days before I had to leave again and head south. I was headed off to Riva Del Garda, a beautiful mountain city located in the north of Italy and only four hours away from Münich. I was invited by Garda Trentino on a unique 4 days trip, with a'lot of hiking and mountain climbing, which they call Via Ferrata. Via Ferrata means Iron way, which back during the 1st world war was a route for the soldiers that they used to get up to their out-posts.

On our 4 days trip, I got to climb three mountains, hike a whole lot and eat a'lot of authentic Italian food! This place is a must-go again! If you should go, make sure you try the Via Ferrata, you won't regret it!

Our first Via Ferrata on Rio Salagoni

 Had to stop by this Sakura field!

The Colodri mountain

 Met up with a local Instagramer @Emmebi420, who showed us this abandoned hotel. He brought this crazy lazer pointer, that I got to play with.

Cima Capi

Big thanks to Niels LeBech and his son Daniel and the rest of the crew from Garda Trentino and Ingarda Daniele and Valentina for inviting @Locarl Kjetil, Anita and me to this awesome place!

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