onsdag den 15. april 2015


Was invited on a three days cruise trip with Hurtigruten, down the Norwegian coast from Tromsø to Trondheim. My first actual trip to Norway and it was pretty awesome, though I wish we had more time to explore in the small cities that we docked in, so it means I definetly have to come back!

 We flew in to Tromsø from Copenhagen late at night to go onboard our cruise named The Midnatsol, which means Midnight sun. We were only in Tromsø for a few hours, so this is the only shot I got from Tromsø.

 Travelling with me, was my fellow friend and photographer @Nikolajthaning, check out his amazing shots on Instagram and Tumblr

 Our Cruise ship Midnatsol

 These amazing majestic creatures, The White tailed Sea eagle!

 I have to come back to Lofoten one day, this place is amazing!

 Shot with a smart phone
 Big up to 66North for the gear hook-up for keeping us warm!

They call these mountains for "The seven sisters".

So where to next!?

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