torsdag den 6. marts 2014

Bring home that Golden boy!

Who would have guessed that our neighbor would be an academy award winning Director?

Anders Walter's office is just above the sneaker shop where I work ones a week. Him and his family's little daughter always comes in to greets us whenever they pass by our shop.

Anders the director of the award winning short movie "Helium", took home one Golden boy at this years Oscar awards. His crew and him got back home to Copenhagen yesterday evening and I had to ask him if he had 15 minutes for me and my camera.

"It's been crazy since the moment we received the award, now I just want to concentrate on my next production" - Anders Walter

Thx Anders for letting me take 15 minutes of your time.
Congratulations with the award, good luck with the future and I'm looking forward to see the next big thing from you!

All the best from the boys and I.

That Oscar is one heavy motherF@%&#€

Anders has a twin brother who is a musician. Check out the this music video, which Anders also directed.

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Lucas Gorski sagde ...

Hey! Jeg elsker dine billeder! Hvilket kamera bruger du?

K-Nguyen sagde ...

Tusind tak Lucas.

Jeg skyder med Canon EOS 5d MKII