lørdag den 5. oktober 2013

My life in Rio so far, through the eye of my phone

Copacabana beach as far as the eye can see!

The sunset at Ipanema beach is one of a kind!

Making new friends in Rio, say hi to Noel, Isla, Daniele and Isis.

If you ever go to Rio, you have to try out the acai! So tasty!!!

Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer
The little Dane, Monica, found her way to Rio!

You meet so many people when you stay at a hostel. Many of them only stay there for a week, 4, 3, 2 days and then they are off to their next destination. I've been here for a week and I've already said goodbye to a whole bunch of people that I just got know. Here I am in Lapa at the Aquaduct with P and Lisa, they are leaving tomorrow for Salvadore!

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Bruno Peixoto sagde ...

Hey, Kenneth.
Hva' sker der?

I'm Bruno, from Brazil, and we never met,
but I'm a huge fan and I'd like very much to meet you.
I work with videos and I've lived in Denmark for a while working and training with Streetmovement.

Do you know they're in Brazil RIGHT NOW?
It would be wicked if you could come and meet us in São Paulo.

How long are you staying in the Country?

Holla back at:
That's also my website, check it out.

Cheers, man.