tirsdag den 8. oktober 2013

A protest in paradise! Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is more than just long white beaches, samba, endless meat restaurants, caiparinha and the World Cup.

During my stay here in Rio I have talked with several locals about Rio's economy, inflation, corruption and how the government "cleans" up for the 2014 World Cup?!?

After it was announced that Rio was to host the 2014 World Cup, prices on goods, property, food, loans, you name it, has been raised...Everything but the people's saleries, resulting in inflation and a hell of a lot of angry people! While the people pay the cost for "cleaning" up the city, about 500.000.000 reals have disappeared, where to no one really knows but most people would say that it goes to corruption among politicians and the higher rank in the police force.

Today I went to a teachers' protest. They were protesting for better saleries and better work conditions. As is the case with many protests, this protest started out pretty peaceful with speeches, songs and marches, but then all of a sudden, in a split second, everything went to shit! Tear gas, rocks and molowtow coctails were flying everywhere. I swallowed so much tear gas, that I puked in the middle of the street, along with a dozen others! I was with the people for almost 7 hours and after I got hit by a marble, I thought it was time to go home.

Btw I made a little actionGoPro video while I was shooting.

The sign says: Where are Amarildo's bones? A random guy who got taken to a police station and never got out. He just dissapeared!

I still reccommend you go visit Rio, it's a fantastic city!

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Ericka Jane Pedersen sagde ...

Woaw, virkelig flotte billeder Kenneth! Pas nu på derovre :-D

Mathias Eis Schultz sagde ...

Fede billeder Kenneth!

Pato sagde ...

FUUUUUUUCK ! ! ! ! !

Pas nu på dig selv!

Nikolai Christensen sagde ...

Vilde billeder!
Virkelig fangende situation!

- Ville ønske jeg kunne spansk