torsdag den 21. marts 2013

The Violin maker

On my way back to the office I passed by this guy who caught my attention by the way he looked. I walked passed him stopped up pretending I was looking at my phone, but what I really was doing was considering if I should go back and ask for a portrait. I stood there for a few seconds and thought: "Fuck it, I'm gonna regret if I don't ask!!". I walked back and he was still standing there just chillin. He looked at me right away as if he knew what I was about to ask and before I could finish my sentence he said yes!?

I'm not use to people just being all friendly and trusty, but I guess there are still people out there, who doesn't gives a crap and just goes and believe the best in one! Thank god for that! But that wasn't all, he invited me into his workshop, that was just behind him and showed me around.
When he first opened the door I couldn't believe my own eyes! The shop was soo awesome! It was like a scene taken out of the mid forties movie! Everything was so old in a super beautiful way, a real treasure for a photographer like me! I loved it, I loved everything about this place and his personality! How opened he was, was something I haven't experienced in a very long time! He just trusted me and said just take pictures of whatever you like and don't hesitate asking any questions, all these stuff has a story to tell! I only brought my new little Canon G1X with me that I bought yesterday, so I kinda felt like a idiot not really comfortable using it, but he understood and said to me, you are welcome anytime! So yes I'm definetly coming back with my SLR, to visit this old sailor. Until now, you have to settle with these pics that I took today:-)

Remember these are shot with the Canon G1X   

He owns a freakin Ducati!

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