tirsdag den 5. marts 2013

School project, landscape & architecture

Yet another school assignment.

We have been making short docs the last 5 weeks, learning how to film with our DSLR and how to edit and so on. It's been 5 great weeks with our awesome teacher Svenne. Gonna miss that dude!
I totally forgotten to show you guys the two docs that I made:-S I will show you them to you soon enough!

Today we started a new course, which always has been a nightmare to me, because it never really interested me when it comes to photograph with a DSLR. I like what other nature photographers do, but it never really got to me! Though I've been doing it a'lot with my iPhone for my Instagram profile, but that is only for fun and nothing more. You'll be surprise how good pictures an Iphone can take.

The assignment is to shoot landscape and architecture. We're start outside the city and then move closer and finish up in inner Copenhagen. Our first assignment is to shoot Utterslev lakes, which my group and I went to 5am this morning. Besides getting up early(which sucked btw), I found it quite nice and really relaxing being there. I loved how quiet it was and for ones how it almost felt like being all alone:-)

I'm looking forward for more challenges this coming weeks!

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