torsdag den 11. oktober 2012

Romain Gavras - Euroman

I got my first editorial gig for Euroman, during Copenhagen fashion week. I got the call early friday morning, where I was pretty banged up after the night before. A friend of mine, Kristoffer Dahy who is the web editor for Euroman, asked me if I would like to do a portrait of Romain Gavras for an EM article. The name instantly popped up in my head and I was on! I thought no fucking way, Romain Gavras! My first job for EM is going to be on Romain Gavras! He has been a big inspirational figure in my photography the past few years and I totally love the work he did with M.I.A!

While the job wasn't for sure yet, I had to be standby until we got a confirmation on the interview. I had a goodwill dinner meeting with adidas in the middle of the day, that I might had to cancel, because we weren't sure if he'd do the interview or not:-S. But the waiting was worth the while when Kris called me up and said we had a Go! So I rushed my ass as fast as possible to Nørrebro, where Romain were chilling in a penthouse apartment with his friend and designer Karl-Oskar. The owner and founder of  Wood Wood

Since the whole interview/set-up was made in a bit of a rush, we didn't have any choices of location and how we wanted the shoot, so everything was done in the apartment, leaving me with very little space to do what I wish I could do, but all in all I thought it went pretty good:-D

Romain shot as a movie sequence

Find the article here:

Three of my favourite videos by Romain

M.I.A.  - Born Free by Romain Gavras

M.I.A. - Bad Girls by Romain Gavras

Justice - Stress by Romain Gavras 


Kanye West - No church In the wild by Romain Gavras

 Romain and I

Karl-Oskar from Wood Wood chillin while Kris do the interview with Romain.

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Adam Holm sagde ...

Tillykke med det! Super fede billeder :) Hvad har du skudt portrætterne med?