tirsdag den 18. september 2012

More NYC Pictures from the archive, 2008-09

After last post, I felt like searching through my extern harddisks to see if I could find some old pics from the first year I had my SLR camera, a Canon EOS 400D. I felt over my first and second trip to NYC, where I still shot in jpegs and settings where I didn't have a clue how they got there:-)

Apparantly I loved wide angle lenses so much, that I didnt used anything else the first two years I had a camera and everything was shot in jpegs.

I had a hard time edited them in the way that I wanted to, but as always, photoshop saved my ass, and I think they turned out pretty good:-)

NYC 2008

NYC 2009

Christania riot 2007

The Christania riot came along during the Nørrebro riot, after the politicians sold the building, Ungdomshuset 69 to a religious christian nutcase. At that time I only had my first SLR camera for two days. 

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Natasha Frandsen sagde ...

Hej Kenneth!

Hold op en inspiration og fornøjelse, det er at læse/kigge med på bloggen her! Har dog lige et spørgsmål angående redigering; Bruger du kun photoshop eller bruger du også andre?

Mvh. Natasha :)

Ricki Lutes sagde ...

vildt flotte billeder