tirsdag den 1. maj 2012

Going to Tignes, France.

I rarely get to travel or go on vacation. Like so many others I wasn't born with a gold spoon in my mouth, my parents didn't buy me an apartment n'or did  they give me a trust fund that I can use. I got three jobs, my photography and my charity projects, to take care of, so I can have some butter on my bread and pay my bills and you know what? I love it!
So when Nick from Bitchslap  asked me if I could go for them, because some of his own photographers couldn't, I had to say yes. My wallet was low on cash, but fuck yeah I needed to get away from Denmark for a little bit. Though of course it was work/photography related, but I still very much loved it! :-)

A little bit over a month ago I went to Tignes for Bitchslap Mag, to cover the Danish Freestyle in Skiing. Funny as it may sound, because we have no mountains or that much snow in Denmark, we still could and had a Danish championship in freestyle skiing. The size of competitors was not that many, but those who were there, did some sick shit and got massive air on the kickers and the halfpipe!
This was my first trip on skiis, but I have been on snowboard two times before in the last 28 years and boy did I suck at that! But since I’ve been rollerblading for almost 10 years, skiing came more natural to me and after two days or so, I felt I was flying;-) I’m totally done with snowboarding!
Can’t wait to go next year, and you know what? Next year is all about more skiing and less work!
Here are a picture mix-up montage from the trip!

3 kommentarer:

Chris Tonnesen sagde ...

Suuuuper spøde billeder! Dejlig reportage du har strikket sammen her! Og held og lykke med optagelsen btw!

Johanne sagde ...

Du er den jeg kender der tager de smukkeste og mest fantastiske billeder, virkelig! Du har et kæmpe talent Kenneth, gid jeg en dag bliver ligeså god som du :-)

/Johanne Schack

christine arendse sagde ...

Hey Kenneth, man kan ikke andet end at blive inspireret af dine billeder - har fulgt dig i lang tid, og drømmer om, at tage billeder ala dine. Vil utroligt gerne høre hvilket udstyr du bruger (dvs objektiver, kamera, flash osv)..