søndag den 20. maj 2012

BCN in B/W 2012

This is my 2nd time in Barcelona with D.P.N aka Dog Pound Nation! Barcelona is what Barcelona is, good weather, beaches, party, ink and good people. This year I decided, that I would concentrate more on filming and just have fun, but of course as usually I can't not shoot pictures:-) I had a hard time choosing for color or B/W, but I ended up thinking I clean with the editing and upload them all in B/W.

Last night when I was on my way home with two of the douchebags, we got hold up by some trick thieves, they managed to take my Iphone, but I felt it right away and started running after them while yelling all crazy and shit "GIVE ME MY FUCKING PHONE BACK"! I caught up on him at a turn, where I grabbed the bugger and pushed him up against the wall. I took my phone right out of his hand and just walked away! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

 CPH see you on tuesday!


Ken & Beauvais  at Bun Bo Vietnam

Barcelona alley at night

Awesome couple

Awesome elderly lady

Ken getting his freak on

Awesome dude and dog

Thanh the man

Don't ignore, don't forget!

From left to right: Mark, Tony(LTW) & Javier Rodriguez(LTW)

Yeah I got inked on my chest... ain't nothing I feel like doing again, sometime soon! Photo by Kasper Enø.




Like I said, I wanted to film a bit more this year and do a little film for the guys when we come back. Until now have edited a little bit and made some "trailers" for the movie and this is what I have made so far:-)

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Johanne sagde ...

Du gør det igen, kæmpe credit herfra! Super fede videoer, btw - hvad hedder den første sang der spilles i første video? :-)