torsdag den 11. august 2011

You, me & I mugshots!

So the reason I haven't been updating the blog so frequently is because of a project I have been shooting over the last 3 weeks. It just started as an editing experiment, but then evolved into something more than just fun. Over 50 people have been coming by the studio and my last day of shooting is tomorrow. I have no idea how many people I have "shot", but it's many. The shoot is all about you and me, a clean portrait with some hard editing. Only one light source and that's it.

There hasn't been any specific idea behind this project but it has been a huge pleasure to have all these nice people dropping by just for me!
I didn't want any model pose in the pics, I wanted people to give me a stoneface but with a'lot of power to it. Some does smile, but it has worked perfectly together when you see it:-)

I'm gonna reveal all the portraits on my brand new website this Sunday, so keep an eye out;-)

Lot's of Luv to all of you who has dropped by the small studio!!

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