søndag den 20. februar 2011

If only I had wings!

Winter in Denmark is quite long and sometimes it feels like Copenhagen has gone into deep hibernating. The streets are more empty than usual, people are packed well into warm clothes and so are their minds. But when days like today comes, where the sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky can be spotted, then Copenhagen will show you it from its best side. The streets and cafes are crowded and it seems like everything we've saved inside of us for the summer, can come out for a little while, just so we can feel the warmth of the sun touching our skin!

Have a great sunny Sunday everyone. Don't worry, Be Happy:-D

2 kommentarer:

JeppE sagde ...

Sindsygt godt fanget af de fugle!

HAppyHAnds sagde ...

Er helt vild med billede nummer 2 fra toppen af duen! - virkeig du få fuglen der ellers er kendt som himlens rotter til at ligne engle!

virkeligt nogle dejlige billeder!

Tak for at dele