tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

A cold day to be an artist!

It is very hard to imagine what it's like being a homeless person during the winter, but it helps to know that we compared to other countries, have a much better relationship with the homeless and are good to keep a warm hand over them. Nonetheless there is always something that can be improved!

As for yourself, do what you can do, give them your pocketchange or whatever. I'm sure whatever you have to give, does make a difference. They might have chosen this path for their life, or maybe they have not, but everything has a reason and a story. They are a part of community so therefor also a part of you, one way or another!

I'm not sure if this guy is homeless or not, but he got my attention for 10 minutes and 20 kr and was very happy about it. It doesn't take much to make someone happy, so why not!

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andrada sagde ...

hi. i don't agree with giving money to beggers. if you really want to help there must be other ways. did you know that there is a whole begger business, and children get tortured and handicaped by theyre "boss" just to get more money with begging?i think we do them more harm by encouriging this business then we help.people you see on the street asking for money,usually have someone behind them taking that money away and abusing them.but of course live is far more complex then that and nut jost black or white. ...anyways, the situation in the picture is different. i see more a dedicated artist drown in his world then a beggar. great image.

andrada sagde ...

this picture tells a story.

K-Nguyen sagde ...

hey Andrada

I totally understand your point of view and I am aware of this growing problem. But what I am referring to are not those kind of beggars but danish homeless people. I think you are thinking of the gypsies/roma's, which I am not a fan of at all, because as you just said, most of them are involved in organized crime and the money they collect, doesn't even go into their own pocket!

The people that I am talking about are those you see with a elephant beer in their hands, or a Husforbi newspapper or those guys who walks around collecting beer bottles/cans so they can buy their next beer, cigaret, meal or whatever. There is a big thick line between those and the roma's and they are the people that I think we shouldn't ignore!