søndag den 28. maj 2017

Shooting Euro Cup final for adidas Global

Last week I was in Stockholm to shoot some new unreleased football related products, among those was the Nemeziz football shoe. We toured the city from the day we came and if you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories, you know I had major logistics problem with Norwegian and my luggage. They did manage to get me luggage the night before I was flying back.

Besides shooting products for adidas, they also had a surprise for us, they hooked us up with a pitch spot the first half of the Euro Cup final. It was an amazing experience to witness the game from their and of course the atmosphere was mindblowing. After first half we were invited up to the Hospitality stands, which was a 1st class treatment, unfortunatly we couldn't bring our cameras there, but that was okay, we could finally sit back and relax and enjoy the game!

With the terrible terror attack in Manchester, I didn't knew what to expect, but I could feel a'lot of respect from both corners.

This lad got my attention instantly, I had to photograph him but waited for the right moment so I could get the right expression.
This shot got posted on Soccerbible's Instagram account and reached more than 70.000 likes!

 Spottet Pogba's brother rocking the new Man United jersey.

 Mine is bigger than yours!

1-0 by Pogba

 Pogba and Danish player Dohlberg

 Ajax fans

Congrats to Man United 2-0

Hope you enjoyed a different perspective of the game than normally.

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