onsdag den 12. april 2017


Shooting interview of Pilou Asbæk for Dossier Magazine - Out now!

This is the second time I work with Dossier and with Pilou Asbæk. The first time I worked with Pilou I spend almost a month with him on the set of the Danish movie war story 9th April, which was about the day Nazi Germany invaded Denmark. It was a huge production and my assignment on the movie was used as press photos, billboards, cinema posters and as the cover of the DVD.

On and off set Pilou is just a really cool guy and have come a long way since he is also featured in GOT and as you might know he plays Batou in Ghost in the Shell along super star Scarlett Johansson, which just premiered.

Since it was a interview our time together was limited and we had to shoot before the Dossier's interviewer arrived. No studio, just shooting in the moment, but we had a lot fun and as I said Pilou is just a fucking great guy.

Here's my top picks from our Interview shoot.

Stylist: Mads Emil Møller
Assistant: Nikolaj Egestorp
Photographer: Me
Retouch: Me

Making Pilou do odd poses

Senior & Pilou

And of course a fan pic of Pilou and I

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