fredag den 6. november 2015

Emma Holten x Black&white

Four years ago, intimate photographs of Danish journalist Emma Holten were posted on the web. Pictures she shared with her ex-boyfriend were then stolen and shared on various websites along with her Facebook and personal details. Thousands viewed them and she still receives online harassment to this day today. Then one day last year a friend and Emma, decided they wanted to hit back by shooting a series of their own. Together with Emma's words, her story was shortly picked up by The Guardian. It didn't take long before it got shared over 170.000 times on social media platforms. 

'Our blog crashed numerous times and we couldn't do anything about it' she says.

The past year has been crazy, I have traveled all over the world to speak on Women's right and online politics. Recently I took the stage at a TEDxTalk. It was nerve wrecking, but I did it! New Dehli and New York is next and I can't wait to go, she says!

Yesterday I Invited Emma Holten by the studio to do a small shoot and have a talk about what have happened and what it have done for her. What kind of questions she hates to be asked by journalists and what kind of shoot photographer often want her to pose in. 

So if you guys are reading this, I hope you get it;-)

"I don't know why, but journalists always ask me if my sexual relationship with men have changed. Why should it?"

"One of the first time I had to do a shoot with a photographer for an article, he asked me if I could take my top off. I was like no way, Don't you get the point of all this? Instead we ended up me covering me up in a thick jacket. Doing the oppesite, it was fun"

"They always want to take about, if I feel ashamed and how hurtful it has been to me. It's like all they want to talk about is how I was a victim, but what they forget is that being a victim and being strong aren't opposites. I'm both at the same time.!"

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Anonym sagde ...

Hi Emma, I saw your story and watched your video. Although more than a year after it's original post. Your message is still relevant, and i think it's a great and brave way how you've handeled with this isseu. You Rock! With friendly regards, Erik