søndag den 30. november 2014

Forét Cph Look-book by Kenneth Nguyen

Yesterdays work, shooting Forét Cph lookbook!

It's been awhile since I last shot a look-book because I have distanced myself from that part of the business. I haven't felt inspired to shoot clothing/fashion for a while because everything has become so fashionable, commerciel and safe for my taste. So when a new Brand comes out of Copenhagen like Forét Cph and ask me to do a shoot and at the same time have total trust in the way I see photography, I don't hesitate to say yes! Working with companies like Forét Cph, who dare not to go safe, is what makes jobs like this so much more fun to do!  

My back-drop is not in a studio, it's out there and here, the nature and the cityscape is where I feel most comfortable. 

 So funny how much Kristian reminds me of Dan Bilzerian!

Models:  Hannah Sophie Sæthre Schanz & Kristian Gutte Koch

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Anders Ørskov Witt Jensen sagde ...

Rigtig fede skud Kenneth, big up!