søndag den 3. august 2014

The Vanguard Festival 2014

The Vanguard Festival must be the best music festival that have happened to Copenhagen for years!
Can't wait to next year!

Working for RAPSPOT.DK


R.A The Rugged man feat Dj Noize and J-Spliff

Dam Funk

Lord Finesse & Large Professor


The Coup

Method man & Redman

Yasin Bey aka Mos Def

The Roots

 Mos Def wasn't done performing, so he jumped in to support Black Thought

Sivas at Trailerpark Festival 2014

After Vanguard ended I dropped by Trailerpark Festival  just a stone throw away, to see my bro Sivas perform. Took some photos and called it the day!

Ukendt Kunstner

Gilli also joined the show

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