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The Germans are coming. April 9th

I have for a long time been talking with Nordisk Film Producer Rene Ezra, to work together with him on some of his movie projects. So finally it happened and he offered me a job to shoot some stills on the their latest big screen movie directed by his brother Roni Ezra, written by the multi award winner Tobias Lindholm and in the leading roll Danish star Pilou Asbæk.

I have worked behind the scene on movie sets before, but this has by fare been the biggest one yet!

A day after I got home from Vietnam, I got contacted By Mette Ohlendorff, who helps Nordisk Film with Creative promotion strategies. Four days later I was on a plane to Budapest, where some of the film is filmed. I was suppose to be there for three days, but I ended up being there for 6 instead.

These are only a small handful pics that I can show you because of obvious reason. I can't show pics revealing the plot or any of the main characters.

The guys that you see in these shots are Hungarian extras from Budapest.  The German tank crew are actually from Polen who also own all the German vehicle and tank props.

In this shot, you actually see three of the main characters, but I of course have made sure you can't see their faces:-)

Just love all the props from the set, which are authentic! Cigarettes and matches.

The hungarian costume guy has a gun in his belt.

Another shot of one of the main characters
 The Director Roni Ezra

German extras taking a nap while waiting

The casting crew has done a great job hiring the extras, matching German Nazi looks. Especially the big guy with the machine gun, which us Danes call "The Nazi saw" MG42.


German Mauser C96.

The boss on the hill top, Roni Ezra.

The battelfield

One of my favourite shot of the day. They look so real, I almost forgot what time I was in.

Band of Brothers

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